Different types of Soil to use Cutterheads

Different soil types to Use Cutterheads

For harder soil types, such as sandstone, coral and soft rock, a high cutting force is needed so the cutter will be as small as possible and a narrow hole. To cut stone, coral or rock, the cutterhead is equipped with pick point-shaped teeth. Due to the high impact load of these harder soil types, wear will be substantial. That is why this type of cutterhead is fitted with a tooth adaptor system for easy replacement of the pick points.

One type of cutterhead:

WCH-520 – Cutterhead for 2″ pipe



Cutterhead for 2″ pipe

  • Waterline replacement tool
  • Zinc plate finish

For cohesive soil wear will be limited, but there is a risk of clogging. The hydraulic design of the cutter plays a vital role. The cut chunks of soil must be as small as possible to facilitate subsequent transport. For this soil type, the contour of the cutterhead is relatively large and the cutter will be equipped with smooth cutting edges,

For non-cohesive soil, such as sand and gravel, wear is an important consideration. The cutter will have chisels or cutting edges with a large wearing volume and easily replaceable parts. The hydraulic design will be optimal, so high production rates can be achieved. For this soil, the contour of the cutter is usually relatively flat.

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